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Talking therapy

How I work

My approach holds humanistic values at its core. I am an integrative therapist but my main approaches draw on person-centred and existential models.


My style is open and honest, underpinned by a respect for your uniqueness as an individual. I encourage an equal way of working and aim to develop a trusting relationship which allows you to talk at a pace that is comfortable for you.


Please feel free to contact me if you want further information, or to book an appointment.


Sometimes life events can have a huge effect on us. We can become overwhelmed by situations and feel as though we are having to deal with difficult issues alone.


If you feel that you would like some support  dealing with a particular issue, crisis or trauma,  in an understanding, non-judgmental setting.  call me.......

I will try to help and support you in finding your way through the maze.


I will also integrate techniques that are tuned to your individual needs and pace.


Person-centred approach


The person-centred approach helps you gain a deeper understanding of your feelings. I can support you in gaining new perspectives, discover new strategies—and help you to find your inner resources which will empower you to make changes in your life.

The person-centred model also recognises that everyone has a unique experience of the world. This therapy works with you in the here-and-now.


Existential approach

The existential approach helps you look at your life and what it means to you—my aim is to empower you to take responsibility for your actions and choices. It’s also about you being aware that you have choices in life, and you are free to make them.


This approach helps you to look at your ‘being’ in the world:


  • Who you are?

  • Where you are going?

  • How you relate in your own world?

Addressing your problems


Whatever problems you bring to therapy, rest assured that they will be addressed in an empathic, accepting and non-judgmental manner.


I believe that therapy is first and foremost a place where one can be fully accepted and understood.

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